Our team

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Jim Weller

Group Leader

Jim attempts to provide research leadership and adequate supervision, keep his less realistic ideas in check, and occasionally write a paper or two.


Jak Butler

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jak recently joined our Pulse Phenology project and provides us with badly-needed genomic and bioinformatics expertise. 


Chantelle Beagley

Honours Student

Chantelle is exploring the genetics of common bean development but has wider interests in flowering time mechanisms and their evolution


Kelsey Picard

Research Assistant

Kelsey is helping extend our toolkit of molecular techniques, while also trying to drag our communications into the 21st century.


Valerie Hecht

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Valerie works on legume FTs, is our go-to person for lab techniques, makes sure the labs are running properly, and keeps the sales reps honest.


Bea Contreras

PhD Student

Bea has been looking at the roles of various photoperiod response genes in pea and Medicago.


Jackie Vander Schoor

Senior Research Assistant

Jackie's extreme multi-tasking across glasshouse, lab and admin keeps the group functioning! 


Yang Dai

MSc student

Yang is interested in agriculture and genetics and is getting to know lentils (and Tasmania...)


Raul Ortega

Postdoctoral Researcher

Raul has just (re-) joined the group to co-ordinate our molecular genetic work on pulse phenology in lab and glasshouse. 


Andy Rubenach

PhD Student

Andy's working on the legume circadian clock, bringing a deep knowledge of the literature and master technical troubleshooting abilities…


Laura James

Research Assistant

Laura is wrestling with the genetics of flowering time in pulses and keeps our feet on the ground with her pulse breeding and field trial experience. 


Memoona Arshad

MAppSci student

Memoona is investigating flowering time genes in pea and Medicago

Bean & gone


Emilie Perez

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Owen Williams


XT Lee

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Belinda Warren